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Refurbished Used Cisco Switches

When you purchase refurbished used Cisco switches, you are looking for so much more than just the best price.  Reconditioned units can save your company money, but you also need to be absolutely sure that the equipment you are taking ownership of is of the very best quality.

At Geotek, we don’t just repair used Cisco switches – we totally restore them to factory standard.  You get all of the benefits and none of the risks by purchasing from us.

Of course you will make a fantastic cost saving which can be utilised by your business and as all of our used Cisco equipment comes together with a full guarantee, you will literally feel as if you are purchasing from new.  Your budget benefits and so does your organisation.

Refurbished Used Cisco Switches

Our Cisco switches

By committing to purchase genuine Cisco parts and not cheap imitations, your IT infrastructure also benefits.

The quality and build of the component is as it was when it left the Cisco production line.  The fact that it has been used just contributes to you saving a whole bunch of money.  Our inventory is extensive and is being added to on a daily basis. If you take a look at the stock of our refurbished used Cisco switches, you will find routers, telephone devices and a whole selection of other Cisco switch hardware which is a superb match for the brand new equivalent components.

Save the planet

Your corporate environmental Policy can also benefit when you purchase used Cisco switches. 

By making use of recycled parts rather than buying brand new, your business is not only saving on expenditure but you are making a major contribution to reducing the amount of used product that ends up being buried at landfill sites.  This makes a huge addition to looking after the plant and also saves on the time, labour and raw materials used to construct new parts.  It is a total win-win situation.

Secondhand Cisco Switches

What you get

When you purchase refurbished used Cisco switches from our company, you can be assured that they are thoroughly and exhaustively tested before they leave our premises. 

They will come to you packaged as new and ready for use.  In addition, you will be making a huge saving on your bottom line.  All parts are warranty protected and our support team are here to help you at any time.   Safety is also paramount when your purchase from Geotek so you can have complete confidence that you and your staff will only be using equipment which complies with all of the necessary statutory codes and procedures.

Contact us now and make good use of a vast range of used Cisco switches, routers and IP telephony products.