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Refurbished Used Cisco Routers

At Geotek we stock all things Cisco related, and that includes top quality refurbished used Cisco routers.  With a stock list that changes on a daily basis, we have all models in stock most of the time.  If you cannot see something you want on the website, just give us a call.


Low cost reliability

Cisco routers provide businesses with superb quality and service level, which is why our used routers are so popular.  If you are looking for a reliable business router which gives speed of response and total dependency, then a used Cisco router is for you. Not only will you be saving an enormous amount of money but you will be equipping your business with the best there is.

We even have access to some of the older router models so if this is what you are looking for, do check with us to see if it is available.

About our Cisco routers

When you purchase a router from Geotek, you are not just making use of a recycled item – which is fantastic news for the environment – but you can be secure in the knowledge that the router we provide you with will be top quality and from a well-known branded manufacturer.  It will also have been extensively and thoroughly tested.   Your used Cisco router will be provided in a condition similar to when it first left the factory as it will have been restored to production line specification by our team of highly skilled and qualified engineers.

We provide a full warranty with all of our equipment, including our refurbished used Cisco routers so that you know in the unlikely event of having any problems; we are here to assist in every way possible.

Secondhand Cisco Routers

Safety is paramount

The fantastic thing about buying your refurbished Cisco router from us is that you are assured of safety and support at all times.  We work closely in line with all statutory procedures to provide both us and yourselves with the confidence that is needed when you buy something as essential to your business as a top quality high specification router.

Whether you are looking for Cisco routers, IP telephony products or even switches, Geotek are here to help and supply.  Give us a call now.